BluFire Studios is a team of talented artists providing exceptional Post-Production services for Film, TV and Commercial outlets. We are committed to excellence and have a knack for creative solutions that provide flexibility and value to our clients.


Pipeline Integration.

Our VFX/Color/Sound pipeline is truly integrated. So a change to a VFX shot can be re-colored and audio adjusted within minutes, saving precious time and keeping your project on track.


In-House Render farm.

We build and maintain our own render farm. Each machine is crafted for performance and stability. This means changes to a shot can happen in-house, very quickly. This gives our clients flexibility, and the assurance that their ideas come to life on time and as imagined.


Passion-Led Innovation.

We love what we do. We love to find newer, better ways of doing things and are constantly building new tools and more efficient ways of doing what we love. This drives us to exciting technology and cutting edge ways of using it. Which means your projects get the benefit of our passionate R & D. 

I honestly had no idea that 90% of HENRi was computer generated... but the artists at Blufire Studios have done a masterful job of bringing the character to digital life without betraying his analogue roots. The combination of CGI and in-camera sets, rather than green screen, is seamless, perfect.
— Rob Payne, Pajiba
The match between the rod puppet and the digital puppet was really good. BluFire did a fantastic job.
— Eli Sasich, Cinefex Magazine
McGinn’s secret weapon is the effective visual-effects work by Orem-based Blufire Studios, which has created creepy monsters and other eye-popping images.
— Sean P. Means, Salt Lake Tribune